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New Client Special

$15 - 2 weeks unlimited

New Client Package

$50 - 3 months unlimited

Drop-In Class


Monthly Unlimited


3 Months Unlimited


5 Classes

$30 - expires in 1 month

10 Classes  

$50 - expires in 2 months

Functional Assessment

​$5 or Free w/ unlimited package

1 Private Session

$85 - one-on-one

​$120 - group of 3 - 8

3 Private Sessions

$210 - one-on-one

4 Private Group Sessions
$340 - 3 - 8 participants

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy $95 - 75 to 90 min one-on-one

3 Yoga Therapy

$220 - 75 to 90 min one-on-one

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Functional Assessment 

Our monthly Functional Progress Assessment provides you with information about your growth and progress with your overall wellness.  We assess your functional abilities like balance, walking, and movements that are imperative for daily living; and we also track your mood and energy levels which can change with the weather, diet, sleep and life events.  Knowing your progress and patterns can further help you set goals and inspire you to continue your working on your health. 

Restorative Stretch  Moderate

Participants settle into stretches that gently release tension and improve joint mobility opening them up to the full benefits of the closing relaxation, especially ​great for back, hip, and leg tightness or pain.  This class takes place on the floor, props are used throughout to support safety, alignment and relaxation.  Participants may use a chair to stand following class if necessary.  

Chair Yoga Fit II  Moderate/Intermediate

Learn about your body and safe alignment as you immerse yourself into this yoga basics class that blends movement with breath.  Feel the benefits through your entire being - mind, body and soul. Expect to tone, stretch, center, and smile as you move through a sequence from the chair to standing and back again.

Chair Yoga Fit  Beginner

Stretch, strengthen, and quiet the mind using the support of a chair.  Enjoy adaptive and creative exercises from a variety of movement genres, with an emphasis in supportive alignment and breathing exercises.  Perfect place to start!

Core and Balance  Moderate

This is a low-impact class for all ages and mobility levels.  It focuses on the important core muscles of the abdomen and back which are critical for posture, injury prevention, and daily function.  Using Pilates based principles of breathing, flow and alignment, this class can have a big impact with small well placed movements.  A chair can be used for accommodation if you are unable to move to the floor.

Functional Stability  Moderate/Intermediate

Regain balance and improve posture and stability by practicing this strengthening sequence for the entire body.  Keep safe, stronger, and injury free through daily tasks and activities.  Expect a creative, invigorating class with the use of a variety of equipment (weights, exercise balls . . . etc.).  You need to be able to move up and down from the floor. 

Specialty Fitness

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Classes for ANYONE

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The scheduled classes are suitable for anyone at any mobility level.  Each class is designed to support those with ailments that challenge their physical range of motion and abilities.  If you haven't exercised in a while, if you are carrying extra weight, if you have replaced joints, if you have fused or damaged spines or spinal tissue, if you suffer from arthritis or fibromyalgia - everyone is welcome and capable of joining Specialty Fitness and Therapies! 

If you just don't know where you are in terms of strength and flexibility, start with Chair Yoga+ or Chair Fit.  You will have the chance to speak with the instructor after to determine classes that work best with your body, situation and goals.  

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