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“It’s nice to smile again.” ~D


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"I can attest to the healing and informative dynamics of this gentle guided practice of exploring one's being.  I am able to end each session with a feeling of completion and opening regarding an issue to which I can actively devote self-care."  ~K
  • Acceptance of self and life situation
  • Emotional stability
  • Clearer thinking 
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Deep relaxation
  • Decrease in physical tension and pain
  • Improved problem solving/decision making
  • Understanding of self-limiting beliefs
  • Reduction or disappearance of symptoms associated with trauma
  • Release of out-of-date habits/patterns
  • Understanding of old undigested incidents


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

1 Boutique Private Class

$120 for 3 - 8 Participants

4 Boutique Private Classes

$340 for 3 - 8 Participants

4 Weeks

Boutique Private Classes

“I had no idea there were so many things I could change on my own, that weren’t really at all difficult to change, that help my pain. Like the breathing!”  ~B​​

“I’m golfing twice a week now,
I haven’t done that in over 10 years.” ~W

“I now have lower blood pressure and blood sugar and thus don’t need as much medication!”  ~K

Group Education and Medical Visits an insured benefit

Group Visit Components

  • A fitness class and take home routine
  • Relaxation practice and training
  • Mental health education
  • Physician led education
  • Individual exam

A first and only in the state of Arizona, the group visit model at CPSC has been implemented to provide the social, emotional, and physical support pain patients need to improve their overall quality of life, function and relationships.  The traditional way of treating pain - medications, monthly visits, procedures, surgeries - are only a portion of the means by which a sufferer can feel like themselves again.  To create a better quality of life, patients also need the tools to empower positive change for themselves.  Group visits give our physicians and expert staff the opportunity and time to truly teach and support through discussion and health presentations that ultimately give provide the resources to manage pain without additional medications or invasive therapies.

Sessions are One-on-One for 75 to 90 minutes.

1 Session: $95     3 Session Package: $220

PRYT Intake and Waiver Form

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a mind/body therapy that combines talk therapy and body work to address the full spectrum of experiences that make you who you are.  Clients are gently moved through assisted stretches congruent with their physical ability while simultaneously verbalizing the various sensations, images, emotions, memories and thoughts that show themselves.  A pattern of meaning begins to take shape or a piece stands out as significant, giving the participant a very meaningful, deep-seeded insight into themselves.  Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy attends to the now scientifically proven fact that every emotion and though leaves a physical deposit, influencing the very structure of the body and subsequent patterns of behavior. Likewise, physical ailments and disease shape emotions and thoughts.  This is an opportunity to transform from the inside out, to find empowerment, healing and peace.

How great would it be to gather your friends, co-workers or family together for a private class?   Bachelorette party,  teachers with sore feet and backs, fun work or family bonding . . . the boutique private classes are designed to serve the purpose you need, with the people you choose, at the speed that fits you best.

Gather together up to 8 of your friends for this fantastic, unique approach to yoga, Pilates, and fitness.  Schedule a class or schedule a class once per week for four weeks. Pick a convenient time and even your own music.

Email to schedule a time or call 480-889-0180 Ext. 104.

Options are available for class size and locations.  Just tell us your needs when you call.

Make it your own!

Pick the group.

Pick the style.

Pick the time.

Pick the pace.

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